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There are around 80 countries that import agarwood annually but the biggest importers of the commodity are the UAE, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

It has long been known that the production of the fragrant resin is associated with wounding and associated fungal invasion, possibly assisted by insects.

Agarwood suitable for planting in the lowland areas to the mountains at an altitude of 0 – 750 meters above sea level with an average rainfall of less than 2000cm.

Importance Of Agarwood

The importance of agarwood for many uses has long been recognized. Agarwood is also considered the world’s most valuable incence with even higher price for high quality agarwood. Due to its multiuses, demand for agarwood products continues to increase significantly and may cause rapid depletion of agarwood trees in the wilds. Natural habitat of agarwood suffers from uncontrolled exploitation, and as the consequences, some important agarwood-producing trees under a serious degradation. People who live surrounding the forests are the ones who are affected directly from the rapid depletion of agarwood because their livelihood depends on the forest.

On the other hand, forests are now receiving more and more attention from international society because profound appreciation on the function of forest has increased over the years. Forests are no longer seen as a place for timber production only, but also for many non-timber forest products. More importantly, forest is seen a lot as environmental service provider nowadays. With today’s international focus on climate change, the forests have become the assets that contribute significantly to the country’s income. It is thus timely to promote sustainable production of agarwood as an important strategy for conserving natural agarwood tree species, thus the forest habitats, and concurrently fulfilling the demand for agarwood products from cultivation.

As a part of the the mission of our project for Production and Utilization of Technology for Sustainable Development of agarwood, we Agarwoods Kerala is going on a fast pace targeting to achieve the goals.

Technology for accelerating agarwood production is intensively studied and several agarwood cultivation plots have been established in several locations. It is our aim to alleviate poverty of tree growers community by providing simple technology for agarwood production as source of income and to stimulate cultivation of agarwood plants as their valuable backbone commodity. The objective of this website is to give thorough information concerned with agarwood, and summarize the findings of the state-of-the-art research on agarwood.

A key message of this website is to stimulate an understanding that the future of agarwood relies solely on sustainable production of agarwood and habitat conservation, and that technology intervention plays a major role in the process.

History Of Agar

Agarwood has long been appreciated for its multipurpose uses, range from incense for religious and traditional ceremonies, perfume, medicine and ornamental functions in many countries. The occurrence of this-so-called the wood of the gods has been strongly surrounded by myths and history. Agarwood use is mentioned in the Old Testament as ‘aloe’ or ‘ahaloth’ in Isalm 45:8. Agarwood is the only tree in the Eastern myth that has been descended to Man from Eden garden (Duke, 2008). In Egypt and Japan, Agarwood was used to embalm dead bodies. In India and Cambodia, it is used for traditional and religious ceremony.

The resin compound of agarwood is highly commercial. Resin impregnated in the heartwood a number of agarwood-producing species is due to fungal infection. Two mostly known genera are Aquilaria and Gyrinops that are native to Southeast Asia with India,Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Papua New Guinea being the main producing countries, and Singapore being the central trade country (Persoon, 2007).

Agarwood is used to make Great and Beautiful Agarwood Carvings/Sculptures.
Agarwood Beads made from grown-up trees is another area of its usability. In some Religions, they believe that wearing The Agarwood Beads can keep you safe from The Evils Spirits and Bringing Good Luck. The Agarwood is also named “The Wood Of Gods”.

The Agarwood Oil is The most expensive essential oil of it’s kind. It has been known and used as natural, non- alcoholic perfume known as Oud or Dehnul-Oud. Each different area of Agarwood produces a different fragrance of aromatic smell. The Agarwood Oil is distilled from the cheaper quality of Agarwood and the yield is very low between 0.0002 % up to 0.010% depends on the raw materials and the Agarwood itself. That is why the price of The Agarwood Oil is expensive.

Agarwood Incense available in cones, coils or sticks made from Agarwood are using for Aromatherapy & Religious Usages.

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Agarwood grows quickly in south Asian belt- Countries and its home to many Like, Cambodia, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka..
We Have experienced many Plant sales from our Main nursery In Kuttipuram-Kerala and Sub-Nursery in Mangaon, Maharashtra . These plants are distributed to many states, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra,...


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