• Posted on: 24 September 2016

Agarwoods Kerala plantation company R&D division recently took a quantum leap in introducing 10 major Cosmetic products to go in to production. One of the Agarwoods Kerala Company Adviser's Dr.Syed Tanvir Ali who is also the Plant Head of -Quantum Natural India Pvt.Ltd in New Delhi is seen here with Mr. Shams Bin Aboobacker Managing Director of AWK in the backgrounds of the production assembly. Dr.Tanvir Ali's factory is responsible in producing some of the finest cosmetic products on behalf of Oudh Al Khaleej company which is a part of AWK Group of Companies. Many years of studies has resulted Mr,Shamsudheen to come up with these products which is just a tip of the iceberg said Mr.Rohana, the Chief Consultant & CEO. He further revealed that the aim is to reach more than 300 products to leave the planning table before the end of this year that is to be branded under "Oudh Al Khaleej"-international brand.. He further added that the immense dedication of Dr Syed Tanvir who is the adviser in formula preparations, resulted ,AWK to launch these new generation of Cosmetic products sooner than expected. Operations Manager Mr. KVK Moidu is to take the reins of Oudh Al Khaleej showroom & museum product branding ,and marketing . These cosmetic items are a brain-child of Managing Director Mr.Shamsudheen, who strongly believes that the future of cosmetics will soon embrace the new aromatic changes of Agarwoods. Recently AWK budget's for R&D has been generously increased by the Management keeping in line with the new inventions & further studies added the CEO . "From The House Of Agarwoods Kerala..!!!

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