• Posted on: 24 September 2016

In order to facilitate and encourage Agar wood farming community, pioneering Agar wood cultivator AWK has announced its latest inoculation method with a reduction in cost. AWK Managing Director Mr. Shams Bin Aboobacker and Consultant / CEO Mr.H.K. Rohana In a joint statement said that the new method includes " powder and liquid " form of inoculate material which can be applied to the Aqularia Malaccencis ( or Any Thymaleasia family ) tree from the 4th year onwards . The results are expected from 12-18 months after inoculation and a 70-80% wood to resin transformation is expected. In response to the farmers who were concerned about the Fungus treatment cost , we have reduced the cost considerably using this new method. For all the saplings bought from AWK in the year 2016 and onward will qualify for this treatment which is priced at only for INR 3,000/- (INDIAN RUPEES THREE THOUSAND ONLY) per tree including inoculation labour and booster dose if necessary. AWK will also engage in bi-annual free monitoring sessions to assertion the resin formation in the tree where it's needed. The normal inoculation price of INR 6000/- will prevail for older trees and plants that were not purchase from AWK nurseries. The breakthrough innovation will turn a new leaf in the fungus treatment history said Mr. Shams bin Aboobacker , MD of Agarwoods Kerala plantations. Mr.H.K.Rohana Consultant /CEO of AWK assured the farmers that the new fungus treatment will be ready in bulk form by the time their purchased saplings are 4 years old. Our saplings are specially selected , trained and hardened in the nursery prior to it being dispatched to the farmers. The study and laboratory tests were performed on these saplings and we have published these results in our previous fb posts , he further added. In order to secure the quality of resin formation , we have limited our newly announced treatments to be applied to the plants which were produced in our own nursery with strict quality assurance conditions said Rohana.

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