Visit to Head Office

  • Posted on: 24 September 2016

A group of Agarwood farmers from Tamil Nadu state visited Our head office in Kerala. Mr.Manohar, Mr.Shskthiwel is seen here with the MD of AWK Mr. Shams Bin Aboobacker and Operations Manager Mr Moidu in head office conference room . The delegation visited the 3 year old Agarwood Plantation in Kootanad . They were highly impressed about the professional advice and moreover to witness an actual agarwood plantation in which they found out how to do a proper cultivation. Mr. Manohar 'son, Mr.Kalai Mani had been in discussion with the AWK Chief Consultant /CEO -Mr.Rohana and on a previous occasion a team from AWK including Mr. Shamsudheen & Mr. Rohana visited Tamil Nadu to Mr. Manohar's current agarwood plantation. Many advice's were exchanged in how to uplift their plantation. Awk has agreed to inoculate 500 trees of Mr.Manohar 's plantation. Mr. Shakthival signed up to start off 5 acres of agarwood plantation in his land under the guide nice of Agarwoods Kerala Plantations Ltd. Happy Planting in Tamil Nadu..!!! "From The House Of Agarwoods Kerala ...!!!

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